Chakras, Charcoal and acrylic on paper, 9x12"


Flowers, Colored pencil on paper, 9x12"


Charcoal Hand Sketch, Charcoal on paper, 9x12"


Charcoal Shoes, Charcoal on paper, 9x12"

Child pose

Child Pose, Charcoal on paper, 9x12", Private Collection


Cloudcroft Landscape, Oil pastel on paper, 9x12"

Hand Design

Hand Sketching Hands, Pencil and sharpie, 9x12"


Orchid, Watercolor on board, 8x10"

Unfinised color sketch of girl

Unfinished Color Sketch, Colored pencil, 14x20", Private Collection

Pencil Rose

Pencil Rose, Pencil, 11x14"

Marker sketch

Marker Landscape, Marker on paper, 18x24"

Solomons Pier

Solomons Pier, Charcoal, 9x12"

Forest sketch

Forest Sketch, Ink and watercolor, 9x12"

Loose watercolor of trees

Loose Watercolor of Trees, Ink and watercolor on paper, Dimensions unknown, Private Collection

P in charcoal

On Couch, Charcoal, 9x12"

Reagan in class

Reagan in Class, Pencil, 9x12"

Woman in hat

Woman in Hat, Charcoal, 9x12"

Bone and Rose Watercolor

Rose and Bone in Watercolor, Watercolor, 12x15"

Alamogordo sketch

Alamogordo Sketch, Watercolor and Ink, 9x12", Private Collection

White sands in Ink

White Sands in Ink, Ink wash, 9x12"

Backyard sketch

Backyard Sketch, Ink and watercolor, 9x12"

Unfinished sketch

Unfinished Sketch of Yard, Pencil, 9x12"

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