Lara Klopp, Portfolio

Outreach Coordinator / Graphic Designer    WILD Florida Rescue ~ Melbourne, FL

* Educate the public about ways to coexist peacefully with wildlife, and about available resources when injured wildlife is encountered

* Create graphics/forms for outreach/administrative use

Web Designer / Graphic Designer / Photographer    Speak Out Brevard ~ Melbourne, FL

* Created and implemented organization website

* Design graphics for website use

* Photograph organization events and activities for website/promotional use

Middle School Math Teacher    Brevard County School District ~ Melbourne, FL

* Taught for the second half of the school year to fill a needed position

Real Estate Agent    SunCoast Real Estate ~ Indian Harbour Beach, FL

Web Designer / Graphic Designer    Telemedia Broadcasting ~ Fredericksburg, VA

* Created and implemented station website

* Designed graphics for print and website use

* Streamlined forms for organizational ease in standard procedures

Independent Web Designer / Consultant    Self ~ Fredericksburg, VA

* Design and create client websites

* Maintain / update website content for clients

Administrative Volunteer    Lloyd F. Moss Free Clinic ~ Fredericksburg, VA

* Create database for Volunteer Coordinator to manage all care providers, practices, leads, and contact history for easy querying, updating, and access

* Assist Volunteer Coordinator with outreach to area clinics to recruit care providers

Designer, Laser Engraver    Plants Map ~ Fredericksburg, VA

* Created system for recording and controlling all physical product sales

* Manage entire tag order and creation department

* Design advertising for online and print media

* Streamline administrative and order procedures

* Created manual and training materials for laser engraving process

Art Teacher    King George High School ~ King George, VA

* Demonstrated excellent organizational, managerial, teamwork and public-speaking skills

* Honed ability to respond quickly and decisively to a variety of situations

* Managed a large inventory system of art supplies, including maintaining supply levels, resupply logistics, determining vendors, and distribution of inventory among several teachers

* Directed the art club to assist the local community in fund-raising and art-related events

Compliance Officer    King George Capital Management ~ King George, VA

* Summarized new compliance regulations for management

* Updated and overhauled the company's compliance manual to adapt to ever-changing standards

* Clarified and reworded compliance manual for ease of use

Engineering Assistant    Pratt Whitney ~ San Antonio, TX

* Served as a general assistant to the engineering department

* Summarized new specifications and filed incoming specifications

* Acted as a liaison between the engineers and the plant workers

* Assisted in various administrative tasks as they arose

Graduate Teaching Assistant    Wichita State University ~ Wichita, KS

* Taught classes both as an assistant, and with full classroom responsibility

* Created lesson-plans

* Evaluated student artwork

* Motivated students to reach desired goals

* Assisted the art department faculty with non-classroom administrative tasks

Human Resources Assistant    T.R.W. ~ McLean, VA

* Completed data-entry, data-processing, and file creation and organization

* Communicated between HR managers and the managers of other departments

* Formatted and published department documentation

Executive Assistant    Earthtrust Environmental Organization ~ Oahu, HI

* Assisted the C.E.O. with all communication and office tasks

* Served as an assistant to the program managers when required

* Read and summarized legislation that affected the organization's mission

* Interacted with the public in training and public-relations activities

* Organized the extensive media file collection of the organization

* Created documentation to publish for internal and external purposes

Assistant to Special Projects Administrator    Muscarelle Museum of Art ~ Williamsburg, VA

* Expanded and improved the filing system

* Helped prepare the museum for new exhibitions

* Assisted with receptions

* Worked with the public both in conducting tours and in children's art outreach programs

Germanna Community College    Fredericksburg, VA

A.A.S. Information Systems Technology / Web Design    May 2015

G.P.A. 4.0

Wichita State University    Wichita, KS

M.F.A. in Painting    May 1995

G.P.A. 3.85

College of William and Mary    Williamsburg, VA

B.A. Double Major: Government and Fine Art    May 1990

G.P.A. 3.84

Phi Beta Kappa

Presidential Scholar

National Merit Scholar

Dean's List

* Trained in the programming languages Java, Python and JavaScript, the JavaScript library JQuery, and the SQL Database Query Language

* Accomplished in fine art design, specializing in PhotoShop, InDesign, Illustrator, and web design using HTML, CSS, and DreamWeaver

* Proficient in the use of the Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access

* Taught secondary education art for over 7 years, assisting students in developing socially, creatively and academically

* Highly skilled at drawing, painting, sculpture and all modes of art, which translates to an easy ability to convey concepts with quick and accurate sketches before undertaking lengthier and more time-consuming modelling methods

* Creative training and experience create an ability to conceptualize technical and logical problems from a unique point of view